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Might Guy
Command Moves
Leaf Whirlwind +
Guy does a sweep kick that forms a tornado around him.
Severe Leaf Hurricane +
Guy's 2-hit leaping spin kick with tornado effect.
Special Moves
Dynamic Entry (run)
Guy performs a rushing horizontal jump kick.
Super Moves
Eighth Gate +
Guy opens his Eighth Chakra Gate, allowing him to have more powerful attacks and greater speed.
Vigorous Flail +
Guy busts out a pair of nunchaku and whips it back and forth 16 times, then ends with a Dynamic Entr ...
Asa Kujaku
Guy opens his Eighth Chakra Gate, then dashes to the foe, kicking them into the air with a flaming r ...
Desperation Moves
[Eighth Gate Mode] Dynamic Step +
Guy stomps the ground, causing rocks to fly up all around him, and knocking back foes if they are cl ...
Tag/Team Move
[w/ Rock Lee (Time-Skip)] Primary Lotus of Love and Youth +
Guy knocks the opponent into the air, then he and Lee Primary Lotus the foe into the ground.

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