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Mortal Kombat Series

Goku (DragonBall Raging Blast 2) says...
You're going to pay, for all of the lives you've destroyed!
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Special Moves
Telekinetic Slam
Kenshi lifts the opponent using telekinesis and slams them on the ground.
Kenshi uses mental energy to deliver a short auto-combo from afar. In MK 2011, he summons an astral ...
Mind Warp
Short-range forward teleport.
Telekinetic Toss
Kenshi uses telekinesis to toss the foe in the opposite direction.
Telekinetic Push
Psychic knockback attack.
Fatal Moves
The Blind Samurai
Kenshi thrusts his sword into the opponent, then pulls it out and slashes them across the torso. As ...
Telekinetic Stretch
Kenshi slowly lifts his opponent telekinetically, then pulls his hands away from one another, tearin ...

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