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Special Moves
Telekinetic Slam
Using his telekinesis, Ermac lifts the foe into the air and slams them back down to the ground.
Ermac tosses a green, slithering projectile.
Mystic Float
Ermac uses his telekinesis to temporarily levitate himself.
Dive Kick +
Ermac dives from the air diagonally to deliver a kick.
Mystic Bomb +
Ermac drops straight down from the air, slamming his back on the ground and stunning the opponent if ...
Telekinetic Throw
Ermac uses telekinesis to toss the foe in the opposite direction.
Fatal Moves
Telekinetic Rip
Ermac lifts his foe into the air with his body and curls their body into a ball before stretching th ...
Telekinetic Massacre
Ermac uses his telekinesis to lift and slam the opponent over and over until they explode.

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