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a.k.a. Bugi (JPN)
"Sacred Fist"
Kyo Kusanagi (King of Fighters 2003, The) says...
Like the raging flames of the sun. That is the fist of Kusanagi!
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Yoko Cindy Matsudaira
Throw Moves
Bitter Catch
Steps behind the opponent, then bends sideways and grabs the opponent, landing them down.
Basic Moves
Short Knee
Does a short knee strike, hitting the abdomen.
String Move
Lovely Attack
Does a combo consisting of a low palm attack, a back knife-hand strike, and finally, a roundhouse ki ...
Jealousy Attack
Crouches and does a low backfist attack, then places hand on the floor and kicks upwards.
Dancing Combo
Does a flying hop kick, then a low kick, and finally, an upper palm.
Special Moves
Gorgeous Finish
Kicks forward, directing backwards.
Strong Knee
Hops forward and knees opponent.
Marvelous Finish
Crouch-dashes forward and thrusts palm forward.

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