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a.k.a. Bugi (JPN)
"Sacred Fist"
Alex (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike) says...
Use your head, or I will! I need a new bowling ball...
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Su Qingtao
Basic Moves
Red Scissors
Does a standing forward backflip kick.
Turnaround Kick
Does a turnaround skipkick.
Dodge and Dash Elbow
Rears back and does an elbow strike.
Front Roll
Rolls forward.
Vertical Spin Kick
Spins leg upwards.
Command Moves
One Leg Stand
Stands on one leg
String Move
Pommel Kick
Does three sweep kicks.
Sliding Kick Combo +,
Executes a slide kick following up to an upward kick that launches the opponent in mid-air.
Special Moves
Somersault Kick
Stands up and does a backflip kick.
Twist Arrow
Does a Drunken backfist strike.

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