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a.k.a. Bugi (JPN)
"Sacred Fist"
War Machine (Marvel vs Capcom) says...
Repulsors are primed and ready for more action!
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Mark Galeon
Throw Moves
Front Tackle +
Tackles the opponent, knocking them down.
Both Legs Grab
Grabs both legs.
Pandemonium Throw
Throws his opponent into the air and catches them, executing a powerbomb on them.
Horse Riding
Mark gets in mounting position.
Face Grab
Grabs sides of the opponent's head. Can only be performed when the opponent is face first and face d ...
Head Grab
Grabs the opponent's head.
Back Drop
Stands behind the opponent and puts head under the arm of the opponent before lifting the opponent u ...
Belly to Back Suplex
Same as Back Drop.
Full Nelson Suplex +
Applies a full nelson before bridging his back, lifting the opponent over him and onto their shoulde ...
Canyon Drop
Opponent is lifted behind him before jumping up, wrapping the arms around the opponent's waist, and ...
Basic Moves
Drop Kick
Jumps forward with both feet outstretched.
Charges forward with extended arm out.
Kangaroo Kick
Executes a tumbling somersault kick. Can be used only when opponent is behind you.
Flying Body Attack
Jumps forward and lands stomach first on the opponent
Rising Kick
Jumps forward and kicks up.
Knuckle Bomber
Executes a jumping axehandle.
String Move
Does two hooks, then an uppercut.
Special Moves
Shoulder Tackle
Charges forward, shoulder first.
Flying Kneel Kick
Jumps forward and kicks up.

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