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a.k.a. Bugi (JPN)
"Sacred Fist"
Wesker (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3) says...
Useless chaff.
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Kaiya Tsubaki
Basic Moves
Goliath Punch
Does a dragon punch.
Eagle Wing
Executes a downward two-armed flap.
Command Moves
Bulbul Wing
Lays in push-up position.
String Move
Big Bird Cutter
Does two back kicks, then a roundhouse.
Waterfoul Strike /
Does two back kicks, then an uppercut.
White Heron Strike
Does a short four-hit combo, starting with a dragon uppercut, then two fist strikes, ending with a p ...
Special Moves
Heron Descent
Does three roundhouse kicks while flying.
Hawk Claw Attack +
Lunges forward for a dashing palm strike.

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