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a.k.a. Bugi (JPN)
"Sacred Fist"
Joseph Joestar (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) says...
It was your lack of experience that did you in. Get some!
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Heinz Streit
Basic Moves
Lightning Uppercut
Uppercuts the opponent.
Pressure Elbow
Thrusts elbow at the opponent
Command Moves
Finishing Fist (opponentdown)
Punches downed opponent.
String Move
Combo Elbow
Executes a hammer punch following up to a fast elbow strike.
Rush Uppercut
Rushes up to two punches, ending with an uppercut.
Middle Kick Uppercut +,
Executes a mid-level backheel mid-roundhouse, then follows with a violent uppercut.
Back Shot Combo
Does a 1-2 combo before executing a double backfist combo.
Special Moves
Kneel Kick
Somersaults forward with leg outstretched to attack the opponent.
Final Smite +
Executes a powerful punch.
Body Blow
Crouch-dashes forward, then punches the opponent's gut.
Double Shot
Does a high kick while jumping, then does another while coming down.

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