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Naruto Series

a.k.a. Naruto: Narutimate Hero 2
Nakoruru (Capcom vs SNK 2) says...
All people are gentle at first. The problem is they tend to forget...
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Kakashi Hatake
Special Moves
Summoning Earth Style: Fanged Pursuit Jutsu +
Kakashi hits his opponent, dizzying them. He then summons a giant bulldog, which holds the opponent ...
A Thousand Years of Death +
Kakashi teleports behind his opponent and rams a kunai into their ass, sending them flying into the ...
Super Moves
[Level 1+] Understanding of a Shinobi ,
The opponent attempts to attack Kakashi, but he simply dodges whilst reading his smutty book. After ...
[Level 2 +] Summoning ,,
Slamming a scroll into the ground, Kakashi summons two dogs that strike the opponent. A giant bulldo ...
[Level 3] Original Move ,,,
Kakashi coats his hand in electricity (his Lightning Blade technique) and strikes the foe with it. ...

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