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Throw Moves
Comet Strike (close)+
Jiraiya grabs his foe by the leg and slams them on the opposite side of him.
The Depths of Lightning (in air)(close)+
Airborne Comet Strike.
String Move
Spiral Palm ,+
Standard three-hit combo plus a mini-Rasengan finish.
Dance of the Lion +,
Double upward hair swing, launches on second hit.
Special Moves
Ninja Art Summoning: Bring Down the House +
Jiraiya summons a giant toad with twin swords strapped to its back (Gamahiro), which falls on top of ...
Ninja Art: Needle Jizo +
Jiraiya's hair grows into a large blanket-like state, and he hits the foe with it whilst turning. On ...
Super Moves
Strength of the Sannin ,,,
Jiraiya transforms the environment to be that of the innards of a giant toad, then causes the toad t ...
[Level 1+] Summoning ,
Jiraiya summons Gamabunta, the boss toad, who swipes his sword and strikes the foe.

If th ...
[Level 2+] Dark Swamp ,,
Jiraiya starts out by peering at the screen with a telescope, when he notices the opponent running u ...

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