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Naruto Uzumaki
Special Moves
Demon Wind Bomb +(air)
Naruto hops into the air and tosses a giant shuriken (the "Fuuma", or "Demon Wind" Shuriken at the o ...
Sexy Jutsu / Ninja Centerfold, Oiroke no Jutsu +
Naruto dashes forward a bit and rams his opponent with his elbow. If this connects, he transforms in ...
[Nine-Tailed Naruto only] Instinct of the Beast +
An extensive auto-combo, ending with a Maiden Masher-esque ground attack and then a punt.
[Nine-Tailed Naruto only] Super Pressure / Kuchiyose: Yatai Kuzushi no Jutsu +
Naruto summons a giant toad with twin swords strapped to its back (Gamahiro), which falls on top of ...
Super Moves
[Level 1+] Clone Jutsu / Bunshin no Jutsu, Art of Doppleganger ,
Naruto tosses a giant shuriken (the "Fuuma", or "Demon Wind" Shuriken) at the opponent. The opponent ...
[Level 2 +] Summoning / Kuchiyose no Jutsu ,,
Naruto bites his thumb and performs some hand signs, drawing a pattern on the ground with his blood ...
[Level 3+] New Knockout Move! ,,,
Naruto summons a clone, and the clone swirls its hands over Naruto's open palm, creating a whirling ...
[Nine-Tailed Naruto only. Level 3] The Nine-Tail ,,,
Naruto looks inside himself, seeing the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed behind a gate and asks for its assist ...

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