Mortal Kombat Gold Movelist


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Special Moves
Lightning Bolt
Raiden puts his hands together and fires off a bolt of electricity.
Static Teleport / Energy Teleport
Raiden uses his electric powers to disappear from one place and reappear elsewhere in the arena.
Draw Weapon
Draws Raiden's weapon, or if it's already drawn, throws it. Default weapon is a Warhammer.
Flying Thunder God / The Superman, Torpedo, Lightning Dash, Electric Fly (air)
Raiden stretches out vertically and rushes in mid-air toward the opponent, striking the opponent wit ...
Fatal Moves
Electric Execution (close)
Raiden grabs his foe, lifting them up and shocking them repeatedly until they explode.
Staff of the Thunder God (close)
Raiden summons his Lightning Staff and sticks it into the opponent, lifting them up and electrocutin ...

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