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BlazBlue Series

"Calamity Trigger"
Arc System Works
Iori Yagami (Capcom vs SNK 2) says...
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Carl Clover
Special Moves
Allegretto (in air)+
Carl summons a toy soldier, which will jab its lance in three directions.
Cantabile +
Carl sends a gadget along the ground, which will grab an adversary's leg and fling him/her in the ai ...
Vivace +/ [Preview]
[Nirvana] La Campanella +
Carl teleports Nirvana right behind him.
[Nirvana] Con Brio + [Preview]
[Nirvana] Con Anima +
Nirvana approaches and slams an opponent behind her.
[Nirvana] Con Fuoco + [Preview]
Super Moves
Laetabillis Cantata +
Carl summons a large spinning cog.
[Nirvana] Fermata (hold)(release)(air) [Preview]
[Nirvana] Rhapsody of Memories (hold)(release)(air)
Nirvana smacks her opponent around with a barrage of strikes.
Fatal Moves
[Nirvana] Deus Ex Machina (hold)(release)
Nirvana starts a time bomb, which triggers a large unblockable explosion. It will instantly finish o ...

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