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BlazBlue Series

"Calamity Trigger"
Arc System Works
Chonrei (Real Bout Fatal Fury 2) says...
Your time is over. Hit the pavement, pal!
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Special Moves
Gravity Shield +//
Nu creates a gravity field, slowing down any foe that stands on it. Button input determines the loca ...
Spike Chaser +
V-13 sends waves of swords traveling along the ground. Tapping C button will charge the attack, givi ...
Crescent Saber +(in air)
In mid-air, a blade moves in a quarter-circle arc over her head. Pressing C before blade comes up ca ...
Sickle Storm +
Nu sends spinning scythe along the ground. Tapping C before scythe comes out reverses direction and ...
[during certain moves] Act Parser /
Cancels recovery of certain moves with a teleporting dash. Can move through opponent.
Super Moves
Calamity Sword +
Nu calls down a giant blade from above.
Legacy Edge +
Nu creates a portal in from of her, which fires a barrage of swords
Fatal Moves
Sword of Destruction +
Nu grabs her foe and calls down a gigantic sword that will annihilate her victim.

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