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BlazBlue Series

"Calamity Trigger"
Arc System Works
Morrigan Aensland (Vampire Savior) says...
Still afraid? Come and feel the acme together...
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Rachel Alucard
Special Moves
Sword Iris +
Rachel sets off all lightning rods, electricfying anyone in proximity of the rods.
George XIII +(air)
Rachel summons a frog that will follow the opponent and attack with an electric jolt.
Impish Gypsophila +(air)
Rachel summons a floating pumpkin. It does not attack on its own, but is activated by Rachel's Silph ...
Tiny Lobelia +//(air) [Preview]
Super Moves
Baden-Baden Lily +
Rachel rises in the air, conjuring lighting around her and sets off lightning rods that have been pl ...
Fatal Moves
Clownish Calendula +
A red beam appears around Rachel. If the comes in contact with her opponent, they are drawn upward, ...

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