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Bang Shishigami
Basic Moves
Burning Heart
Slow acting strikes covered in autoguard, each successful hit grants one of Bang's Fu Rin Ka Zan ico ...
Special Moves
Bangs Heavenly Double Palm Thrust (in air)+
A flaming double palm thrust.
Bangs Void Tempest Kick EX (in air)+
Bang grabs the opponent and teleport kicks them to the floor.
Bangs Unstoppable Double Palm Thrust +
A flaming double palm thrust.
Bangs Void Tempest Kick +
Bang grabs his foe and teleport kicks them around.
Bang-Style Shuriken +///
Bang chucks one (or 3) of his nails at the opponent.
Set Pin +///
Bang "plants" a pin on the battlefield that he can use to dash from when airborne.
Super Moves
Shishigami-style Secret Technique: Fatal Eruption +
Bang tackles and pummels his opponent into a wall
Shishigami-style Ultimate Technique: Steel Rain +
Bang tosses an umbrella over his opponent. The umbrella opens up and drops nails over the opponent. ...
[4 Seals] SS Forbidden Technique: Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan +
Glowing with a yellow aura, Bang loses his ability to use normal blocks in exchange for incredible s ...
Fatal Moves
SS Forbidden Technique: The Ultimate Bang (in air)+
Bang impales his foe with his giant nail before finishing him/her off with a big punch.

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