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BlazBlue Series

"Calamity Trigger"
Arc System Works
Oswald (King of Fighters 11, The) says...
Karnoffel would be satisfied with me... Your hand, sir?
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Jin Kisaragi
Special Moves
Fubuki +/
Jin quickly draws his sword from his sheath and swings his sword at a 45 degree angle.
Rehhyou +
With a quick draw of the sword, Jin swings his sword upward at 90 degrees. Cannot be air-blocked.
Hirensou +(hold)(release)
This move consumes 25% Heat. As Jin gets ready to draw his sword, a circular flash freezes his nearb ...
Sekkajin [Preview]
Musou Senshouzan +//(air)
Jin rides and on icicle that flys forward towards his opponent. Jin will also follow up with a slash ...
Musou Tosshougeki +(air)
Consumes 25% Heat. This is a variation Musou Senshouza where first hit freezes his opponent and he f ...
Hishouken +//(air)
Jin fires an ice sword. All ground versions fly straight forward; the button determines the speed of ...
Hishougeki +(air)
This move consumes 25% Heat. The ground version fires a giant ice sword that freezes on hit. The mid ...
Super Moves
Touga Hyoujin +
With a slash of his sword, Jin sends a wave of ice towards his opponent. The speed and size of the p ...
Hiyoku Getsume +
Jin shoots an ice arrow at 35% angle, which will freeze on hit.
Fatal Moves
Rengoku Hyouya +
As Jin thrusts his sword into the ground, a cage of ice forms, trapping his opponent. After freezing ...

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