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Universal Gameplay


Gameplay Systems
2D Gameplay

Air Dash
With the exception of Iron Tager, all characters can perform a dash while in the air. Most characters can do one dash will mid-air. Arakune, Taokaka, and Bang can do a double air dash.
Astral Heat
Only accessible with 100% Heat during the final round on opponent's with little health, these attacks provide an (often extraordinarily) dramatic finish to the bout.
Distortion Drives
At the cost of 50% Heat Gauge (exception is Haku-men who uses magatama system) to use Distortion Drive, a move that surpasses the strength of normal and special moves.
Heat Meter
Naturally gained by landing and taking attacks, Heat begins to increase on its own once your life grows critical.
Unlockable Moves
In the console ports, completing Arcade mode unlocks (most of) the characters "Astral Heat" attacks.

Universal Moves

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