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Quan Chi
Throw Moves
Somersault Slam (in air)(close)
Quan Chi snatches his opponent out of the air and somersaults before slamming them to the ground.
Special Moves
Draw Weapon
Draws Quan Chi's weapon, or if it's already drawn, throws it. Default weapon is a Morning Star.
Magnetic Force
Quan Chi poses and takes away the opponent's weapon. In MK4/Gold, this allowed Quan Chi to steal the ...
Body Stomp
Quan Chi teleports and lands on the opponent, tap-dancing on them.
Slide across the screen and trip up the opponent.
Skull Toss
Quan Chi tosses a giant green skull.
Fatal Moves
Beat Down (hold),,(release)(close)
Quan Chi tears his opponent's leg off and beats the tar out of them with it.
Copy Sorcery
Quan Chi performs one of the opponent's Fatalities.

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