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Smoke (Cyborg)
Throw Moves
Air Fling (in air)(close)
Smoke flings his opponent to the ground
Special Moves
Smoke's chest opens up and a pronged spear attached to a wire fires out. On contact, the victim is r ...
Smokeycut (air)
Smoke disappears beneath the ground and reappears with a rising uppercut.
Smoke becomes invisible. Repeating this move or being struck causes him to reappear.
Fatal Moves
Throat Bomb (hold)+,,(release) [Preview]
El Toro
Smoke transforms into a bull and charges the opponent, knocking them offscreen.
Air Horn
Smoke blasts an air horn from his chest.
Armageddon (far)
Smoke fires out a bunch of bombs. The scene cuts to an outer space view of the Earth, which explodes ...

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