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Shang Tsung
Special Moves
Triple Flaming Skulls
Tsung fires off three Flaming Skulls.
Double Flaming Skulls
Tsung fires off two Flaming Skulls.
Flaming Skull
Tsung hurls a fireball with a screaming skull in the front.
Volcanic Skulls
Tsung summons three Flaming Skulls from the ground. In MK2011, he only fires one skull unless ES'd.
Fatal Moves
The Cobra Strikes (hold),(release)(near)
Tsung transforms into a cobra and swallows his opponent whole.
Mystic Spikes (hold),,(release)(close)
Tsung summons a bed of spikes on the opposite side of him, then grabs the opponent and slams them on ...
Soul Cocoon (hold),,(release)(close)
Tsung levitates his foe and encases them in a green cocoon and absorbs it, dropping their lifeless h ...
Tsung morphs into a character from the game Joust and hops away.

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