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Mortal Kombat Series

Galford D. Weller (Samurai Shodown 4) says...
Power without justice is bad news,dude!
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Noob Saibot
Throw Moves
Airborne Tomoe Nage (close)(in air) [Preview]
Special Moves
Shadow Throw + [Preview]
Disable Cloud + [Preview]
Teleport Slam [Preview]
Fatal Moves
Turbine Cloud + [Preview]
Teleport Massacre +(close)
Saibot teleports next to the opponent and grabs them by the shoulders, bouncing against the ground s ...
Maneating Anteater
Saibot transforms into an anteater and inhales the opponent.
Bowl a Spare
Some bowling pins fall from the sky and Saibot rolls a bowling ball, hitting some pins but always le ...
Basic Moves
Elbow (close)
Noob hits the opponent with his elbow.

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