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Johnny Cage
Special Moves
Eclipse Kick
A faster, red-trailing version of the Shadow Kick.
Shadow Uppercut / Rising Shadow, Rising Star [Preview]
Low Forceball / Forceball, Plasmic Fireball
Johnny lobs a trailing energy sphere at the opponent in a slight arc.
Shadow Kick
Johnny slides forward with a kick, trailed by green shadows.
High Forceball
Johnny lobs a Forceball that has a higher arc.
Fatal Moves
To My Best Fan
Johnny autographs a photo of himself and throws it at the screen.
Backbreaker (close)
Johnny lifts his foe up and bends them over his shoulders, causing them to explode.
Uppercut Decapitation (close)
In the N64 version, holding Down + Low Punch + Block + Low Kick immediately after performing this mo ...
Kangaroo Kick
Johnny transforms into a kangaroo and kicks the opponent off the screen.
[Nintendo 64 version only] Killer Shadow Kick
Johnny performs a Shadow Kick that punts out the opponent's middle.

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