Mortal Kombat Trilogy Movelist


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Universal Gameplay


Throw Moves
Back Crack / Back Breaker (close)(in air) [Preview]
Body Slam +(close) [Preview]
Multi-Slam [Preview]
Command Moves
Overhand Strike +(close) [Preview]
Special Moves
Ground Pound (hold),(release) [Preview]
Fist Missile / Rocket Blast [Preview]
Double Missile / Double Rocket Blast [Preview]
Fist Dash / Dash Punch [Preview]
Gotcha Grab , [Preview]
[Classic Jax] Air Sonic (in air)
Sonic Boom performed while airborne.
[Classic Jax] Sonic Boom / Energy Wave
Jax whips his arm, firing off a wave of ki.
Fatal Moves
The Lion's Share (hold),,(release)(close) [Preview]
Jump Rope [Preview]
Jax the Giant (far) [Preview]
Arm Scissors (close) [Preview]
[Classic Jax] Head Pop (hold),,(release)(close)
Jax forcefully claps his hands on either side of his foe's head, smashing the head into pieces.
[Classic Jax] Livin' In A Paper Doll World
Jax cuts a string of paper dolls out and proudly presents them.

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