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Dragon Ball Z Series

a.k.a. Chou DragonBall Z (JPN)
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

String Move
Combination B
Cell performs a string of two side kicks, a spinning hook kick, and a big punch that sends foes flyi ...
Combination A
punch followed by two kicks
Special Moves
Drain Life (Skill Drain) +
Cell will perform a technique learned from successfully landing the L+H version of Drain Life.
Drain Life +/
Cell extends his tail, draining a small amount of health and inflicting additional effects depending ...
Hell Needle +
Press any attack for additional shots
Interrupter /+
Cell moves to the side wide firing lasers from his finger. Light version fires 2 shots and moves a r ...
[Skill Tree] Execution +,+
Cell boots his victim in the air and strikes down with an elbow strike to the back.
[Skill Tree] Psychokinesis +
Cell levitates some rocks and flings them at his foe.
[Skill Tree] Instant Transmission ///+
Teleport close to opponent
Super Moves
Judgment +
An upgraded version of Hell Needle, Cell fires off more beams from his fingers. Mashing the attack b ...
[Skill Tree] Barrier (hit)+
Cell releases a protective barrier to knock away his foe
[Skill Tree] Endive +
Energy aura ramming attack
[Skill Tree] Solar Flare +
A powerful flash of light; opponents are briefly dazzled

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