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String Move
Combination B
This string takes advantage of Piccolo's ability to stretch his limbs, providing a superior reach fo ...
Combination A
Special Moves
V Punch +
Piccolo stretches both arms, attacking diagonally on both sides. This attack is meant to hit foes mo ...
Dimensional Barrier +
Piccolo creates a force field around him, repelling projectiles and foes alike.
Demon Fist +/
Piccolo grabs his opponent with outstretched arms, tosses them in the air, and either shoots a blast ...
Beam Cannon +
A blast of energy is released at the palm of his hand. It has projectile-like properties, but range ...
[Skill Tree] Light Grenade / Gekiretsukōdan, 激烈光弾 +
Repeat to redirect
[Skill Tree] Shock Attack / Kaikōha, 怪光波 +
Piccolo fires an electric spark with his antennas. The electric jolt will paralyze foes.
Super Moves
Special Beam Cannon / Makankōsappō, 魔貫光殺砲 + [Preview]
[Skill Tree] Maou Rebirth Ranbu +
Piccolo rushes with a barrage of punches and kicks. Piccolo then grabs his foe, while growing to a l ...

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