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Android 16
String Move
Combination B
Combination A
Special Moves
Gigantic Press (in air)+
Android 16, while in mid-air, falls straight down with a body press.
Evolution Buster +
Android 16's command throw. With each successful grab, the Evolution Buster grows stronger. The cycl ...
Mega-Tackle +
Android 16 charges with a shoulder tackle. This attack negates projectiles. It also has a random cha ...
Rocket Punch +
Android 16 shoots his hand at a foe.
Super Moves
Hell Flash +
Android 16 shoots his fist to the ground, causing a explosion.
[Skill Tree] Ground Tempest +
Android 16 grabs his victim, leaps in the air, and spirals downward, driving his foe head-first into ...
[Skill Tree] Armor Mode +
Android 16 will immune to knockdowns and hit stuns while in this state.
[Skill Tree] Speed Mode +
Android 16's speed is greatly increased for a limited time.

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