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Gameplay Systems
Alternate Colors and Costumes
A character who summons Shenron can wish for alternate colors. Some characters also get an additional costume.
Chained Normals
All characters have at least 2 attack strings. They range from 2-4 hits.
Can be triggered by: pressing the jump or guard button while jumping, performing a special move during a jump, or using certain combos. Characters have similar options as being on the ground while flying. Flying consumes the action guage.
Guard Cancel
Customized characters can learn the Guard Cancel skill, which allows them to perform a special or super while guarding. This technique will consume a ultimate gauge bar. Thus using Guard Cancel while performing a super will consume 2 super bars total. Supers that require 3 bars (the maximum) cannot be used.
High Jump
Performing by combining up with direction of jump.
Ki Blast Parry
Ki Blast Parry can be peformed by holding the guard button, then hold back and hit forward. This will reflect generic ki blasts disperse the special move variety. This technique consumes the action guage.
Move Charge
Many characters in Super DBZ possess chargeable moves by holding down the attack before unleashing the move. Benefits of charging vary by move, but they can include greater damage, become unblockable, or increased range/area.
Stage Transitions
In some stages, fighters can be knocked off a the edge with a strong homing dash attack. This will continue the fight on a lower area. In Enma's Palace, hitting an opponent with a weak dash attacks will trigger a transition at the lower level. Conversely, hitting an opponent at the lower level with a strong dash attack with will cause the fight to go back to the top level. On Planet Namek, the planet may shift to a disastrous state after the first round. The ground rises and falls as the planet starts breaking apart.
Super Saiyan
Characters of Saiyan heritage (Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Trunks) can transform into a Super Saiyan at the cost of a super bar. In this state, their attack damage and priorty will improve. Ki blasts become larger (thus harder to dodge), more damaging, and deliver more hits.
Throw Moves
Generic throws are performed by pressing the Light or Hard attack buttons simultaneously. Throws cannot be escaped. The direction of the throw can be influence by holding down the direction while throwing.
Ultimate Gauge
Ultimate Gauge determine the availability of super attacks. The bars are built by getting hit, landing an attack, and using special moves. The maximum number of super bars that can be filled is three. Most supers consume 1 bar, but some consume 3. Guard cancel will also consume the super bar.
Ultimates is just another name used to denote Super Moves. They consume 1 or 3 bars of the Ultimate Gauge. When activated, the screen briefly turns dark, the camera zooms toward the user, before the character unleashes a devastating attack.
Unless your character is has the Wall Smash skill, heavy homing dash attacks can be used to stun an opponent if you manage to knock him/her into a wall.

Universal Moves

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