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Tekkaman Blade
Special Moves
Katzbalger ,+
Blade spins his lance rapidly overhead.
Blade rapidly spins his lance.
Blade leaves his lance spinning vertically in mid-air while he dashes past the opponent. He then cal ...
Baselard (air)
Blade breaks his lance down into two large kunai-like blades and tosses them at the opponent. The bl ...
Super Moves
Two large cannons appear on Tekkaman Blade's shoulders, and he fires lasers upward at a 45-degree an ...
Omnidirectional Super Voltekka (air)
Tekkaman Blade's Super meter must be at Level 3 to use this move.
Crash Intrude (air)
Blade dashes at his opponent with a cyan aura around him, knocking them into the air. He then dashes ...

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