Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Movelist


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Viewtiful Joe
Special Moves
Air Joe (in air)
Joe rapidly unleashes a barrage of punches and kicks.
Shocking Pink
Joe lobs a large pink bomb with a "V" printed on it. This bomb can be knocked around the field, and ...
Red Hot Kick (in air)
Joe's feet begin to blaze as he shoots down toward his foe, potentially striking them with a kick.
Voomerang (air)
Joe tosses his signature bladed weapon at the foe, which then returns to him.
Super Moves
Mach Speed
Joe speeds up time for himself, catching on fire while rapidly bashing the opponent. The final hit l ...
Slow & Zoom In
Joe's Super Meter must be at Level 3 to perform this move.
Desperado / Six Cannon (air)
Joe pulls out a massive laser cannon, charges it up briefly, and fires it at the foe. Silvia can be ...

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