Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Movelist


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Frank West
Special Moves
Grand Slam (air)+
Frank belts the foe with a baseball bat.
Giant Swing (close)+
In Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Frank grabs the foe by the legs and spins them around before throwin ...
Roundhouse Kick ,+
Spinning hop kick.
Zombie Attack +
A zombie appears on the battlefield. The zombie slowly shuffles across the arena and can grab onto a ...
Zombie Spree +
A zombie in a shopping cart rolls onscreen from behind Frank, attempting to crash into the foe.
Super Moves
Dead Rising (close)+
Frank grabs the opponent and spins them with a Fireman's Carry, then tosses them up in the air. As t ...
The Real Mega Buster
Frank dons his Real Mega Man outfit and blasts his opponent with a huge wide beam.
[Level 3+] Zombie Charge
Frank tries to put a Servbot mask on his opponent. If the move connects, he will ram them through a ...

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