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Shang Tsung
Special Moves
Triple Flaming Skulls
Tsung fires off three Flaming Skulls.
Double Flaming Skulls
Tsung fires off two Flaming Skulls.
Flaming Skull / Skull Fire, Fire Skull, Inferno Skull [Preview]
Volcanic Skulls / Ground Eruption
Tsung summons three Flaming Skulls from the ground. In MK2011, he only fires one skull unless ES'd.
[Cyrax] Morph (UMK3)
Tsung has the ability to transform into any other selectable character.
[Kung Lao]
[Liu Kang]
[Noob Saibot (16-bit only)]
[Rain (16-bit only)]
[Sheeva (not in 16-bit)]
[Smoke (16-bit)]
[Smoke (Saturn)]
[Sonya Blade] +++
[Sub-Zero (I)]
[Sub-Zero (II)]
Fatal Moves
The Cobra Strikes (hold),(release)(near) [Preview]
Mystic Spikes (hold),,(release)(close) [Preview]
Soul Cocoon (hold),,(release)(close) [Preview]
Joust [Preview]

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