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Air Dash
Graze state to nullify most bullets
Air Recovery
When juggled, characters display a visible bar showing exactly when they're allowed to recover.
Bomb can be used in three ways. Neutral bombs will restore your spirit meter and knock the opponent away, dealing no damage. Offensive bombs (opponent in hitstun) do some damage, cancel the recovery of a move, and extend juggle time. Defensive bombs (you're in blockstun) do no damage and restore no spirit, but knock the opponent away. You begin with and can hold a maximum of two bombs, and earn more through the "point items" created when knocking the opponent down.
Graze state to nullify most bullets. Normals done during a ground dash become "graze attacks."
Set Spell Card
Select two Spell Cards, the first is used until you lose a round and the second after. Each character has three "round 1" and three "round 2" cards to choose from. Selection can be hidden by holding D.
Super Jump
Graze state to nullify most bullets

Universal Moves

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