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Mortal Kombat Series

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Special Moves
Furious Stomp
Sheeva hops up and comes back down to stomp the ground, shaking it and damaging the foe if they are ...
Searing Blast
Standard fireball.
Death From Above
Sheeva leaps off the top of the screen and lands on the opponent.
Fatal Moves
Skin Rip (hold),,(release)(close)
Sheeva peels her opponent's skin straight down.
Human Nail (close)
Sheeva pounds her opponent on the head several times, pounding them into the ground.
Plate Spinner
Sheeva turns her back toward the screen and spins plates on sticks on each of her hands.
Scorpion's Venom (close)
Sheeva transforms into a giant scorpion and stings her opponent, causing them to turn red and explod ...
[8-bit versions only] Fatal Stomp
Sheeva kills her opponent with a "Death From Above" teleport stomp. In the Game Gear and Master Syst ...

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