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Shao Kahn
Special Moves
Pulse Blast / Explosive Blast
Kahn fires a green, star-like fireball from his mouth.
Hammer Smash / Hammer Swing
Overhead Wrath Hammer attack.
Kahn turns toward the screen and laughs.
Ridicule / Taunt (Point)
Kahn busts out a scathing taunt.
Rising Emperor / Uplifting Knee, Upward Shoulder
Kahn leaps into the air to strike with his knee.
Shoulder Charge / Charging Spikes
Kahn dashes forward and rams his shoulder into the foe.
Fatal Moves
[Game Boy version only] Babality
Unlike other characters' Babalities, nothing happens other than the game displaying the Babality tex ...
[Game Boy version only] Wild Hammer
Kahn strikes his foe with his hammer, knocking them across the screen.

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