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Mortal Kombat Series

Nappa (DragonBall Z: Budokai) says...
Can you beat me?
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Special Moves
Heat Zap (air) [Preview]
Inhale Capture
Superman uses his super breath to suck the opponent toward him, then strikes the opponent back with ...
Up Up And Away [Preview]
[Far] Hovering Heat Vision
Heat Vision attack whilst airborne.
Hover Ground Tremor
Ground Tremor performed from the air.
Hover Cancel [Preview]
Ground Tremor
Superman punches the ground, damaging standing and crouching foes.
Soaring Knockout
Superman hops forward and grabs the opponent with one hand, flinging them into the air. He then leap ...
Ice Breath [Preview]
Shoulder Charge
Basic rushing shoulder attack.
Fatal Moves
Human Nail (close)
Superman pounds his opponent on the head several times, pounding them into the ground.
Arctic Orbit (close)
Superman freezes his opponent with his Ice Breath, then grabs them and flies them up and off the top ...

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