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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Command Moves
Dragon's Tail +
Standard sweep kick.
Sweep the Leg +
Awkward side kick to the thigh.
String Move
Double Dragon
Black Dragon Claws
Special Moves
Eye Laser
Kano fires a laser from his cybernetic eye.
Cannonball [Preview]
Knife Toss [Preview]
Kano moves his arms in a catching position. If he is physically struck in this pose, he spins his op ...
Brutal Throw
Kano grabs his opponent and kicks them upward, then flips them over and slams them on the other side ...
Vertical Cannonball [Preview]
Fatal Moves
Carnival Knives (close)
Kano begins walking away from his opponent, as if leaving them to their fate. He suddenly turns arou ...
Kano Roll (near)
Kano grabs his opponent by the shoulders and rolls backwards with them like a tomoe nage, then sprin ...

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