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Marvel vs Capcom Series

"New Age of Heroes"
Nakoruru (Samurai Shodown 6) says...
You won't defeat me! My sister's waiting for me at home!
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Fighter Select
Tron Bonne
Special Moves
Servbot Launcher +
Tron fires a Servbot with a helicopter on its head, blocking the opponent's path.
Bonne Strike +(air)
Tron attacks with Gustaff's arm morphed into a drill.
Beacon Bomb
Tron fires a shot and if it connects, a Servbot holds the opponent in place. Different buttons makes ...
Super Moves
Servbot Surprise +
The Servbot that is with Tron grows and starts attacking with a hammer.
Servbot Takeout +
Tron shoots her opponent with a laser, and if it connects the Servbots barrage the opponent on the g ...

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