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Street Fighter Series

a.k.a. Street Fighter IV
Asuka Kazama (Street Fighter X Tekken) says...
Now you’re really going to see what I’m made of!
Let’s rock!
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select
Basic Moves
Target Combo (in air)
Special Moves
Kikoken +
Chun Li's posture and projectile distance travel changes depending on button press.
Spinning Bird Kick + [Preview]
Hazan Shu +
Chun Li hand-plants then brings a splits kick down at her foe.
Hyakuretsu Kyaku [Preview]
Super Moves
Senretsukyaku +
An advancing kick combo.
Desperation Moves
Hosenka +
Like Senretsu Kyaku with a high kick finish. If it hits, she spin kicks up and kicks off of them in ...

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