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Street Fighter Series

a.k.a. Street Fighter IV
Genjuro Kibagami (Samurai Shodown 6) says...
All right, maggot!! This banter gives me a headache!!
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select
Special Moves
Tornado Throw (close)+
Abel spins the opponent round, then slams them to the floor.
Falling Sky +
Abel snatches an opponent out of the air and slams them.
Wheel Kick +
Abel spins forward with a heel kick.
Marseilles Roll +
Abel rolls forward.
Change of Direction +
An overhead forearm smash.
Second Mid +
A mid ranged backfist strike.
Finish Mid +
An arm drag takedown.
Finish Low +
Abel tosses the opponent by their legs.
Second Low +
A low sweep.
Super Moves
Heartless +
Abel pushes the opponent to the wall and pummels them.
Desperation Moves
Soulless +
A gut punch that leads to a grab finished auto combo.

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