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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select

Special Moves
Hyakkishu +
Gouken leaps at an angle determined by button press and lands with a sweep.
A dive kick down from the air.
Hyakkigosai +
Grabs a grounded opponent and lands on them rather harshly.
Senkugoshoha +
A two hit launcher when EX'd.
Tatsumaki Gorasen +(air)
Moves horizontally when done from the air.
Gohadoken +
Throws two fireballs when EX'd.
Kongoshin +/
Reverses incoming attacks.
Super Moves
Forbidden Shoryuken +
A multi-hit Shoryuken
Desperation Moves
Shin Shoryuken +
A multi hit shoryuken, if it hits early Gouken performs a slightly different significantly more dama ...

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