Mortal Kombat: Unchained Movelist

Kung Fu Factory


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Bo Rai Cho
Special Moves
Puke Puddle
Bo' Rai Cho vomits on the ground. If the opponent steps on the vomit, they stumble and try to right ...
Monkey Flips / Flip Flop
Bo' Rai Cho performs a series of front-flips.
Bo' Rai Cho stomps the ground, stunning foes if they are on the ground.
Belly Bash
Bo' Rai Cho dashes and strikes the enemy with his gut.
Fatal Moves
Bo' Rai Cho brandishes a torch and a jug of alcohol. He strikes the torch on the ground, takes a swi ...
Bo' Rai Cho strikes a torch on the ground and puts it near his ass, ripping a massively long fart th ...

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