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Special Moves
Spinning Slaps
Crouching, spinning, flaming slap attack.
Ultimate Force
Goro flings a fireball with all four arms.
Leaping Stomp +
Goro leaps up and attempts to stomp on his foe. If this move hits, he stomps on them several times b ...
Tremor Pound
Goro slaps the ground with all four arms, causing the opponent to bounce into the air and take damag ...
Fatal Moves
Shokan Sai (close)
Goro pushes his foe slightly to get them to turn toward him, then pulls out four sai. He slashes the ...
Torture Rack (close)
Goro lifts his opponent in the air by the arms, with his upper arms. He then grabs their legs with h ...
Hara Kiri
Goro pulls out four sai. He jams ones held in his lower two arms into his abdomen, then shoves the o ...

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