Akatsuki Blitzkampf Movelist

Subtle Style

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Command Moves
Nazetauchen / ナーゼタウヘン (in air)+
Special Moves
Mjolnir / ミョルニル +
Mycale conjures a portal in the air. A giant hammer drops from the portal.
Gungnir +
A large spear thrusts out from a portal that appears behind the victim.
Freyja / フレイア +
A glowing circle of runes appear on the ground, before flame bursts from the center.
Fenrir +
Mycale conjures a portal. A spectral wolf emerges and runs towards the defending character.
Super Moves
Jormungandr / Jormungand. ヨルムンガンド ++
Mycale summons a fire-breathing serpent-like spirit to attack her foe

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