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Gameplay Systems
2D Gameplay

Appare Combination
Characters possess unique predetermined attack strings. Certain combos have super enders that consume a full Super Gauge.
Desperation Moves
Can be performed infinitely when a player is down to the last 1/4 of life meter.
EX Moves
When the Super Gauge is full, executing moves with both punches or both kicks will strengthen or alter the move. No meter is consumed.
Fatal Moves
With full Super Gauge and the opponent's life in Desperation state, a unique super attack can be performed.
With full Super Gauge, @term=abtn@+@term=bbtn@+@term=cbtn@ activates a timed Hyper mode in which you can perform any EX, Super, Desperation, or Finisher without restrictions.
Style Change
By pressing @term=bbtn@+@term=cbtn@ characters can manually sheathe or draw their weapon, changing their attacks.
Super Moves
Can be performed when Super Gauge is full or in Hyper Mode. In most (all?) cases this is a powered up version of a normal Special that consumes the meter, unlike EX moves.
Super Power Gauge
Gain meter when hitting opponent (blocked or clean).

Universal Moves

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