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Command Moves
Great Tombstone (in air)/+ [Preview]
Pyramid of Warning (opponent down)+/ [Preview]
Pharaoh Escape (wall) [Preview]
History of the Saints /+ [Preview]
Special Moves
Pit of Blame (down)+ [Preview]
Royal Judgement (in air)+ [Preview]
Cobra Blow + [Preview]
Coffin Dance +/(air) [Preview]
Spirit Inhale +(air) [Preview]
Spirit Disgorge +(air) [Preview]
Mummy Drop + [Preview]
Super Moves
Pharaoh Split [Preview]
Pharaoh's Magic (air) [Preview]
Hole of Hell + [Preview]
[2SS] Pharaoh Salvation (air), [Preview]
[3SS] Pharaoh Decoration (air) [Preview]
[Guard Cancel] The Word of Truth (block)+ [Preview]

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