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Darkstalkers Series

"The Lord of Vampire"
Chaca (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) says...
The blade' I can hear it speak to my soul!
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Universal Gameplay

Fighter Select
Lord Raptor
Throw Moves
Deadly Catapult (close)/+/ [Preview]
Murderer Beat (close)/+/, [Preview]
Air Catastrophe (in air)(close)//+/ [Preview]
Command Moves
Wasp Sting (in air)+ [Preview]
Air Walk (in air)/ [Preview]
Mirage Studios
Skull Javelin (opponent down)+/ [Preview]
Command Moves
Crouch Walk / [Preview]
Special Moves
Skull Punish (close)+/ [Preview]
Skull Sting +(air) [Preview]
Hell's Gate + [Preview]
Mirage Studios
Death Hurricane +(air) [Preview]
Special Moves
[Guard Cancel] Death Phrase (block)+ [Preview]
Super Moves
Hell Dunk + [Preview]
Evil Scream + [Preview]
Death Voltage +(air) [Preview]
[Dark Force] Ultimate Undead (same strength)+ [Preview]
[Guard Cancel] Ultimate Revenge (block)+ [Preview]

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