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Universal Gameplay

Gameplay Systems
Air Block
You can block anything in the air with the exception of most normals from an opponent on the ground. Attacking after a successful air block is possible.
Block Cancel
Each character has at least one attack (usually anti-air) which can interrupt block stun with precision timing.
Chain Combos
All characters are capable of chaining their basic attacks upward in the following order: LP-LK-MP-MK-SP-SK. Steps can be skipped but not otherwise changed.
Dark Force
Costs 1 level of super to activate and temporarily bestows a character specific perk, such as increased speed/damage, additional on-screen help, or outright move list modifications.
Many characters have unique dash properties such as invincibility, crouching/jumping state, flight, etc.
ES Moves
By executing most any special move with two punches/kicks, you will use one super level and perform a more potent version.
EX Moves
Unique moves which consume one or more levels of super meter (it is possible to stock up to 99 levels of meter).
By default characters have two "bats," indicating their lives. After depleting an opponent's life the survivor is free to move around for a brief time.
Pursuit Attack
Pursuits can be performed anytime your opponent is downed, but they are only rarely guaranteed.
Speed Select
By default you are allowed to select between "Normal" and "Turbo 2" speeds at character select, but Turbo 1 and 3 also exist.
Taunt (no effect)
You are allowed to taunt a maximum of 16 times per match. Only Dirty Beret knows why.
Tech Hit
Done by rapidly pressing 3-6 attack buttons while in blockstun, with a random chance for success increasing with each additional press. Whichever button is accepted for the Tech Hit determines the distance of pushback. Successful Tech Hit results in frame advantage.
Tech Hit (Throw)
By inputting a normal throw just after your opponent, you can avoid being knocked down and take reduced damage.
Wake Up Options
While knocked down, pressing left or right and an attack button will cause you to roll in that direction before standing up.
White Damage
Some damage (100% if blocked) is represented in your life meter as white bar, and will gradually begin to recover as long as you're not blocking attacks or taking more damage.

Universal Moves

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