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Special Moves
Using his telekinesis, Shujinko lifts the foe into the air and slams them back down to the ground.
Shujinko hurls a spear attached by rope at his foe. On contact, the victim is reeled in for further ...
Flip Scissor Kick
Circular flip kick attack.
Icy Breeze
A burst of ice from the hands. On impact freezes target to allow further damage.
Flaming Fist
Flaming dashing punch attack.
Shujinko performs a low slide and grabs his opponent's ankles, then swings his feet up and kicks the ...
Flying Jinko
Shujinko stretches out vertically and rushes in mid-air toward the opponent, striking the opponent w ...
Bicycle Kick
Shujinko launches forward through the air, pedaling his feet to strike the foe.

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