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Mortal Kombat Series

Sho (Breakers Revenge) says...
That guy's movements are totally different from those!
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Special Moves
Super Charge
Moloch raises an arm into the air and growls, regaining a sliver of health.
Beast Lord
Moloch raises his arms and howls, gaining back a bit of energy.
Ragin Oni
Moloch charges at his opponent.
Power Ball
Moloch fires a low white sphere projectile.
Suction Breath
Moloch inhales and sucks the opponent toward him; the foe then bounces off of his chest, taking dama ...
Furious Howl
Moloch throws his head back and howls, regaining a bit of health.
Ground Bash
Moloch slams his orb into the ground, damaging the opponent if they are standing or crouching.

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